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“Eat until you’re satisfied?!”
A concept I never understood until I become "Whole"

wHero- Brian Nissen

For twenty years this phrase gave me fits. Every time some one offered up this little gem of nothingness I wanted to say, “Um, excuse me, but I’m not satisfied until the last morsel I swallow drops a mere quarter of an inch down into my esophagus and stacks itself neatly on top of the rest of my meal.”

Seriously, for most of my adult life I have eaten until I simply can’t take another bite. That’s what “satisfied” had always meant to me. It never dawned on me to stop eating before the bursting point. Why would it? There was more food on the table. My jaw still worked. I could still grip a fork. Why would I stop shoveling stuff into my mouth?!

But earlier this year, a few days into a whole food, plant strong diet, I contemplated a second bowl of lentil chili, but then I thought to myself, “I guess I could eat more, but I’m…hey!…I’m satisfied! What the-?! So, that’s what they mean!” The planets aligned!

        Five months later I’m 30 pounds lighter and 30 inches slimmer. Next month, I’ll get some blood drawn and find out whether my A1c number has dropped significantly. But for now (sigh) I’m done writing. You get the point. Wrapping up. The end.
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By Brian Nissen

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