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“It’s a Date” Treat
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Healthy Date Nut Roll Recipe

If you haven’t had a date lately, try this recipe, ha ha. You may just fall in love. With just a few great quality ingredients, it’s really quite simple and so delish. I hope you enjoy your date!

Date rolls or logs have been around forever, at least the three ingredients for it have been. This is one of the most natural candy treats around.

An even simpler treat is just taking a date and replacing the pit with a pecan or almond. But I find that a little too sweet for me and would rather take a few minutes and make this recipe which is very versatile. Be sure to read over the variations below and do what ever inspires you.

A food processor with the blade tool works best for this recipe.

"It's a Date" Treat
Yield: 28 1-inch balls
  • 1 cup almonds, whole with skins or a variety of nuts of your choice
  • 20 dates
  • ½ cup mini dark chocolate chips (optional)
  • ½ cup coconut, dry shredded & unsweetened or use finely chopped nuts (optional)
  1. Make sure all the pits are removed from the dates.
  2. Add the almonds and the dates into the food processor.
  3. Turn it on and let it chop and blend the ingredients together until you can make a ball out of it without it being too sticky.
  4. Add more almonds or dates to make it the right stickiness. This will all depend on how moist or dry your dates are.
  5. You can roll it into logs and then roll it in shredded coconut.
  6. Can be stored in a tightly sealed container or plastic wrap in the fridge for 2-3 weeks.

Healthy Date Balls recipe

I used my Colorful Coconut Sprinkles that I had on hand to roll the date balls and rolls in.



Chocolate Covered Date balls and rolls

  • You can dip them in chocolate.
  • You can roll them in a variety of seeds or nuts and or mini chocolate chips
  • You can shape them into balls or just about any shape you want like a cube or candy bar.
  • Consider using it in my “Love Ya Back” Candy recipe.
  • You can use this recipe as a pie crust or a layer for a variety of dessert recipes such as fudge.

Homemade Lara Bar Recipe

Check out my similar recipe for my “It’s A Sweet Life” Bar.

Photos by: Karly Blair

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