Eat Whole, Live Whole!
Yield: Special Occasions
The Value of "Accommodation Attraction"

Cutting out our favorite comfort foods overnight isn’t the wisest choice for most people. A gradual transition to a full whole foods diet tends to be the best plan for long-term success. But as most people are well aware, having white sugar and white flour “treats” can easily derail the best of us and keep us from progressing towards whole foods. If you are especially addicted to sugar and grains, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

We have the solution for this
all-too-well-known habitual trap


We provide recipes to satisfy people’s cravings for the foods they’re used to while helping them transition to a preference for whole and healthy foods. While these recipes meet Wholetarian standards for whole food ingredients, they usually include more indulgent portions of un-refined sugars and/or fats than what’s ideal but hopefully not enough to put you on a glucose high that breeds strong cravings for more. Always use caution with these recipes!

We use the “Yield Icon” for an easy “at-a-glance” reference on our recipes that can help you (if used cautiously and sparingly) in your whole foods transition without destroying your progress.
Our Brilliant Fudge Recipe is an example of a Yield – Special Occasion recipe with whole food ingredients using the Accommodation Attraction Method.

The Accommodation Attraction” AA Method has been found to be the most effective way to develop a natural attraction to pure, whole foods.

logo Icon AA-Method--150 copyThis AA Method provides a way to comfortably overcome the cravings for unhealthy foods by accommodating them, to a degree, with recipes that satisfy while attracting them to healthy alternatives to crave.

Think of a steel ball and a magnet. The steel ball is your food cravings and the magnet is your determination to eat pure whole foods. If the magnet wants to attract the ball, it has to accommodate it by coming a little towards the ball, then the ball becomes attracted and moves towards the magnet. The goal is to get the ball to move towards the magnet, not the magnet regressing back towards the ball.

We encourage you to use the AA method wisely
by using our recipes with the Yield icon to develop
a natural attraction to healthy whole foods