Go Ahead! It's Wholetarian
Our Recipe Standards
For all Five Wholetarian Types
You will not find...
  • white sugar
  • white flour
  • gluten grains
  • highly refined oils
  • highly refined soy products
  • denatured dairy products
  • low-fat or non-fat products
  • factory farmed eggs, meat or fish
  • artificial food additives or preservatives
  • refined salt
  • artificial sweeteners
You will find...
  • Whole ingredients like those that our ancestors would have gathered and utilized in their own "kitchens," huts or caves for thousands of years before us
  • Recipes and support for a predominately plant based whole food diet
  • A wide variety of colorful produce with an emphasis on greens and raw food
  • Whole food sweeteners
  • Virgin oils
  • Pastured (grass-fed) raw dairy products
  • Free-range eggs, grass-fed meat and wild fish
  • Whole Gluten-Free grains
  • Fermented soy and other healthful fermented products
  • Organic and GMO-free local produce
  • Mineral rich ancient sea salt
  • Natural herbs and spices
  • Superfoods
  • We actively promote a sustainable and toxin-free environment
  • We promote mental and physical health
  • We promote positivity, pleasure, gratitude and kindness
You'll find assistance from top Health Experts for all five Wholetarian Types with tips to help you succeed in converting to a Whole Food Diet by making the food you eat taste better than ever!
Wholetarian Intro
A new classification for eating exclusively Whole Foods

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Introducing Wholetarian

A new classification for eating exclusively Whole Foods — the way our ancestors ate before we refined and degraded our food supply.

Wholetarian – noun [ hohl-TAIR-ee-uhn ]

1. One who is intent on consuming only nature’s whole foods.
2. One striving to avoid all unnatural, unwholesome, non-organic foods tainted by harmful processing, refining or artificial additives.
3. One who follows a predominately plant based whole foods diet in order to achieve whole health and vitality.
4. One who accepts personal responsibility for ones part in compassionate practices, ecological sustainability and whole health awareness.

All Health Experts Agree. The best dietary choice is to avoid all highly processed foods and replace them with natures whole foods.

Eating a Whole Foods diet is critical to ones health and there happens to be more than one way to eat whole. One can successfully eat whole and live whole in a variety of ways.

Wholetarianism Endorses and Supports all Basic Eating Types –

Uniting Them Under the Whole Foods Banner

Five wTypes plus Gluten Free Girls

All Five Wholetarian Types are Gluten-Free

Defining Ones Diet while Setting Clear Goals is Critical for Success, so…

 A New Classification is Born For Defining A Person who is Committed to Eating Whole Foods

There are five basic types of Wholetarian and all are Gluten-Free. Each wType takes on a whole” new meaning…

Learn more in the Article wType (Wholetarian Types)

Five Wholetarian Plates

Wholetarian Plates Small image

To help you choose and committ to a Wholetarian eating type, we’ve created a quick visual of what each wType (Wholetarian Type) eats. See My Wholetarian Plate for more info.


Get Started!

Excellent health, a sexier body and vibrant longevity are yours if you want them.

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Teaming up with

Expert Whole Food Super Heroes

We are joining forces with Experts in all the Wholetarian categories by inviting them to share with you the very best recipes, articles and support possible to help you in your quest to be healthy and whole.


You are What you Think

You’ve heard it said over and over again “You are what you eat” but what you think determines what you eat. This is what makes Wholetarianism so uniquely different and the Lifestyle so effective.

A Mindset- A Commitment – A Way of Being

It is a total mindset. It is taking on a way of being. It is a commitment to eating whole foods. It is creating goals and boundaries, it is opening up new thoughts, freeing ideas and newly found rewarding foods. It is about taking a moral stand and sticking to it with integrity.

Not a Deprivation Diet

Its not about restricting calories or any type of deprivation. It is about replacing what you already eat with whole food versions of the like. You’ll feel satisfied and your weight will naturally adjust accordingly.

Kick the Cravings

It is about removing physical cravings so that it is easy to eat and live healthy.You will get to a point where you are not struggling to eat super healthy, its just what you do subconsciously, or naturally, it’s what your mind and body yearns for and does effortlessly.

For Every Eating Preference at any Stage

Wholetarianism is for everyone at any stage of interest with any eating preference. It is about raising the bar little by little or as quickly as ones mind is ready. It becomes who you are, a way of being, a wonderful Super way of being.